Tuesday, March 31, 2009

((job 1:21))

If God never does another thing for you, ever, He's already done enough.

Praise Him.

God tells me this often.. because i forget often..

I've always thought it was kinda weird that we always prayed that God do this, and God do that, and God if you do just this one thing for me, (then insert a promise you know you are not going to keep.) He has already sent his only son to die so that you may have life. He paid the debt that you could never in a million lifetimes pay. He exchanges your hard and hateful heart for a pure and true heart to love others. He forgets your sins! How crazy is that?! And yet we continue to ask Him do more for us and get mad at Him when He tells us 'no' because its not best for us. 

But that's just how beautiful he is. He just wants us to talk to Him. He just wants us to love him back..

We are too blessed.

Praise Him.


  1. Oh Kelsey, I've been the exact same way. I've treated God like Santa my whole life. Like, "God, just let this boy like me back and I won't talk back to my mom ever again."
    Looking back, I think He was both slightly insulted but found a ton of humor out of it. I mean I would. Who wouldn't laugh at the little 7th grade girl who prayed that the rapture wouldn't happen until she could wear makeup and get her first kiss (even though to this day I pray the rapture won't happen until I have a kid)?
    I think God gets the biggest sense of humor out of us, but then again He still loves us for it!