Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh Kelsey..

        i went to a fall out boy concert a few weeks back (AAAHHHH!! It was AMAZING!!! Everything I ever dreamt it would be. I think I embarrassed the friends I was with, because I was freaking out beyond words.

        ANYWAYS. One of the opening bands happened to be MetroStation. The band that just happens to sing the best song in the world, ‘kelsey’. Seriously, best song ever.

        So I was looking through those sweet memories via photo files on this precious mac of mine, and I ran across the recording of MetroStation singing ‘Kelsey’.. and I hate telling people this, because they seldom to never believe me, but I didn’t hear MetroStation singing, I heard God. And I cried. Not even gonna lie.

        The lyrics are as follows, (as God sang them. For MetroStation’s version, hit up youtube or something.)

                Oh Kelsey.

                        I’d swim the ocean for you, the ocean for you.

                Oh, Kelsey.

                        I made the ocean for you, the ocean for you.

                Oh, Kelsey.

                        And you never ever let me in.

        I love the I’d swim the ocean for you. Because I know he really would. As many people that tell me they’d swim the ocean for me, I know the only one who would actually ever do such extremes, is in fact my Father. And this made me smile.

        But I made the ocean for you.. well, I reckon that’s what brought me to tears. Because it’s so true. I guess we do get to use water from the ocean, and I do guess some people make it a vacation to cruise on it and fish out of it and whatnot, but lets face it yall, he made that thing for me. Not for the fancy postcards to send to your friends back in the dryer states. He made the ocean for me. Because He knows how crazy I am over beautiful things. How moved I am by the sound of waves competing to hit the sand first, only to be drawn right back to where they started. How the vastness of it blows my mind to the point where I have to fall on my knees. And for him to make that massive liquid beauty that takes up 70% of the earth just for me, well yeah, that kind of moves me.

        And the last part kind of broke my heart.. (and these are the true lyrics.. and he kept them.. of course, God could have made his point with the ocean stuff and then shut up to let me continue reliving the memories, but this applies either way..)

        And you never ever let me in. Now, do realize that I have let God come into my life. But probably just on my terms. I just want him to come into the parts of my life where I needed him. But that is not what he wants. He wants all of me. He wants in every aspect of my life. Not just the parts that I see fit for him to be.

        And I thought that part of the song was sad when MetroStation sang it. I was like what kind of girl would not let this boy into her life?! He is crazy over her, telling her he would swim the ocean for her and she never let him in!!! umm rude! what a ladyjerk.

        And then to think that I would not let the man who MADE the ocean for me have all of my life, well, that is the ultimate saddest thing. Forget MetroStation’s Kelsey being mean. I am the ultimate ladyjerk.

        But I am letting God in. Letting God in to every single part of my life. He made it after all. My life. And The ocean.


  1. You have a beautiful spirit! I love reading your posts!

  2. Oh Kelsey . . . you are truly amazing . . and not just because you are my daughter but because you truly hold your candle for all to see!!!