Sunday, May 17, 2009

skip days have always been my favorite..

so God blesses me.. like crazy.. we all know this.. he has blessed me with this ridiculously amazing job.. i take pictures of parties.. its great.. and this week i had to work at a junior skip day on the lake.. and this day was packed with beautiful things.. i could not escape it.. first off, the people, these little high school kids, were all absolutely beautiful.. and their whole class was only about 50, so they were all extremely close, which in itself was amazing.. not one was ever out of the loop, there were no clicks.. they were all just so cool with each other.. it was the neatest thing.. and secondly, the place.. the sun was so bright and the lake sparkled and glistened like it had nothing else to do.. it was mesmerizing, man.. i couldn't stop staring at it.. and the sky.. the sky blew me away.. it was so perfect and blue.. the clouds were so white.. a holy white.. you could feel the cotton's jealousy.. and the trees were ginourmous and a thousand different shades of green.. you just had to be there.. it was screaming God.. the wind could not have been a better temperature.. it slapped us in the face all day long, and we didn't dare complain.. it was the best feeling ever.. God's beauty is everywhere.. go find it..

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