Sunday, June 28, 2009

journal #2

so for this school year, I’m sharing an apartment with my friend megan.. and I’d say it was all pretty much a God thing how we got to actually room together..

but antyways, megan came on the mission trip to utah.. so.. by spending every single day and with her, I came to know her a little better..

long story(s) short, God has blessed me yet again.. megan is a beautiful girl that really desires people to come to Christ.. and I desperately need/want that energy around me.. 24/7..

so I guess I wrote this just to thank God for the amazing life and blessings He’s so freely giving me..

but…. Haha!! Megan apparently is a magnet to every single being of the opposite sex.. so, I surely have my hands full.. cant have all these scrubs tryin to steal our focus, ya know what im sayin??  ;)  So.. pray for us still.. but I know we’ll be just fine and will have the time of our lives..

Go Dawgs!!

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