Monday, June 1, 2009

so i've seen a lot of God in the past few weeks..


soo.. just did a true love waits weekend for the beloved youth of baskin baptist.. (i really love these kids like crazy..) and they had some pretty amazing leaders.. with some pretty amazing purity testimonies.. very inspiring..

and i am one of blunt honesty's greatest fans.. so this weekend was just right up my alley.. there really was no candy-coated words/scenarios.. everything was just thrown out there.. so if any kids were like me, and are sometimes slow to catch on to some things, they definitely had to question nothing.. it was blunt. it was clear. and it was great.

i really hope these kids learned what exactly purity is.. because i know the definition has definitely been skewed and twisted across the years.. and i hope they decide to go down this road.. because i know at the end of it will be something so beautiful and sacred. and no one should miss out on it.. and i pray that every kid that makes this decision sticks with it and pursues it with all that is within them..

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  1. Yay, Purity! I'm so proud of you guys for showing leadership for these younger kids. I've been teaching teenagers a long time, and I know that the best teaching comes from a someone just a little ahead of them on the road, you know? So, you go girl!