Sunday, March 15, 2009

and all this time i thought you could have fun sober.. dang..

so i'm workin at a party, right.. and i'm snappin pictures of everyone screamin my name (which changes from 'kelsey' to 'party pic!!!' the second i strap that 15 lb camera on me..) but the high demand for a snapshot goes down when some girl dropped a ping pong ball and no one at this entire party can bend down and get it without falling flat on their face.. (the funniest sight ever, by the way..)

amongst all the confusion, i see this guy with his little baseball cap on backwards, propped up against a pole with his arms crossed. with the saddest look on his face.. he looked like the puppy that all his brothers and sisters had been bought already and he was the only dog left in the window.. real sad, ok??

i went over to him and the conversation went like this..

me: hey, man, you look so sad.. what's wrong??
sad guy: i'm sober..

so as funny as that kinda is, how sad is that?? i mean, really?? and he was dead serious.. people are so dependent on stuff for happiness.. this dude's mind was so set on him not having the slightest bit of fun because he couldn't drink.. how terribly lame is that??

we (christians) need to step up.. like really bring up our game.. we need to show people we can have fun without going with the ways of the world.. let's face it.. christians are profiled to this 'uptight, hypocritical, live-by-the-rules, boring lame-o's..' and i have to admit, as of right now, they're pretty much right.. (with the exception of some of dear friends ;) mkay..) we need to start living, guys.. show the world we are so far from that uptight stereotype.. Jesus didn't give his life for us to be bored and not making a move without checkin the rulebook.. He came so that we can have a life and live it to the fullest (john 10:10, remember??)

God is not going to get mad if you dye your hair blue.. God is not going to get mad if you have a party.. God is not going to get mad if you dance!! (unless you dance half naked on a t-pain video, then that might kinda upset him just a little) God is not going to get mad if you sing your heart out in public facilities.. God is not going to get mad if you be yourself..

God is not going to get mad if you live..

we should be having more fun that anybody..


  1. Good stuff, girl! I hate it that Christians are more famous for what we DON'T do, than for what we DO! It was for FREEDOM that Christ set you free!!! Abundant life! Preach it, girl!