Sunday, March 8, 2009

san lucas

so one of my really good friends called me the other day to take his senior pictures.. ((umm, honored!!)) plus he is an incredibly beautiful person.. he would look gorgeous in his pics even if he had an untrained monkey take them.. well, i guess he kinda did.. ((and he has a girlfriend that's just as beautiful..))

but this dude.. this dude loves the Lord.. and it shows.. in everything he does, he brings glory to God.. its crazy.. inspiring, even..

i remember i used to think he looked like Jesus.. he had long, brown curly hair.. and always wore sandals.. and never did anything wrong.. it amazed me.. 

and even though I don't think this anymore, because he can wear a ponytail now, and i dont think Jesus would wear a ponytail.. you can still see Christ shine through him.. 

see for yourself..

ladies and gents.. mr. san lucas!!


  1. You did a GREAT job Kelsey...and you did have a great subject...but the backgrounds you used were awesome..(I did get to see the rest of them)...Keep up the good work! love you..Shug

  2. You have a BLOG! I LOVE it! I'm seriously going to have to set my alarm an hour earlier so I can read my blog buddies! And you made Luke look even prettier than he is in real life! Great job, girlfriend!

  3. these pictures are beautiful.
    YOU are beautiful, and I'm glad you are blogging. :)