Sunday, April 26, 2009

an aMAEzing day!!!!

          so my dear friend Alyssa calls me up thursday night and asks me if i wanted to go to a free Mae concert in shreveport.. which was a very stupid question..
           so friday morning we drove off to the port, totally unaware it would be the best day of our lives!!
          we get to LSUS, which is where the bands are to play, but nobody was there.. and we were kinda freakin out.. for 2 reasons.. 1. this must have been all a joke.. which seemed right, because how could LSUS get MAE to come there for FREE to play to a bunch of unappreciative of good music punks?? or 2. we were going to get our own little personal concert..
          so we sit on the steps and begin to speak of cool musical fantasies when one of the dudes from comes up to us and asks if we could come listen to the bands that were about to play.. and when the group i was with proceeded to just stare at him like he was an idiot, i took it upon myself to say 'duh, that's what we came for'..
          and when i tell you no one was here for these bands, i mean no one.. me, ali, and alyssa were the ONLY people up there for these bands.. and GREAT bands, at that.. 
          so.. there is this little band, tokyo.. pretty legit little band.. but the singer dude looked all too familiar.. and guess who he was??! the keys guy for MAE.. yes sir.. it was.. and when all this is hitting me, he us our names.. ((chyeaaaaah..)) and then he dedicated THE COOLEST song ever to me!!! AHHH!!! yes. yes he did.. Mae dedicated a song to me.. please control your jealousy.. 
          then he ordered us to come hang out with him after his little show.. and believe you me, we did.. he just bounced off the stage and come and introduced himself.. and then he had wrote his myspace music url or whatever on a little piece of yellow notepad and gave it to me.. haha.. it was so funny.. but very cool.. i cherish it dearly..
          ohhh.. i actually have a million stories to tell about this day, but i have a paper due.. so im just gonna hit on one of the best highlights.. so.. mae has one song left to sing.. but they dont sing it.. because.. BECAUSE.. they asked me to come on stage and sing it.. and i did.. oooohh.. i did.. i screamed in that mic like nobody's business.. i sang with mae, yall.. I SANG WITH MAE!!! and i DANCED WITH MAE!! 
          God loves me, yall.. and i love the ways He proves it to me.. ANNNDDDDD.. the waitress lady gave me 2 free lemonades at buffalo wild wings.. ANNNNNDDDD i met a brazilian midget.. good day?? umm. yeah..


  1. OH MY GOSH!!! I am so so so so so excited that you got to do this. Mae melts my heart. Thank you for sharing. I need to hear more of this story in person.

  2. oh rebecca.. i know.. my heart is nothing but a loving liquid now.. and i will be more than glad to tell you more of the story..