Tuesday, April 21, 2009

maybe i should be a gideon.. can girls be gideons??

so im walking to breakfast with victoria.. and when we reach the top of the horrific hill, there is a little ole gideon man.. and he shoves a little green new testament in our hands.. and i must be honest though, i wanted to give it bask because i have numerous bibles and i wanted mine to get to someone who has never had one.. but it was a pretty little green bible and it looked good in my hand.. so i keep it..
so continuing on my way to my bowl of cheerios and glass of orange juice, there is yet another gideon.. and he noticed their little bible in my hand and he smiled real big and said "i hope you enjoy!" and i said "oh.. oh i will!!".. but i really just wanted to stop and say 'really gideon, do i look like an atheist??' 
guess i should have worn a christian t-shirt and a jesus fish necklace so they wouldn't assume i was a college partying wandering lost heathen..

well i bop up into psychology, throw the little bible in the seat next to me and there shortly two frat boys come sit by me.. one guy picks it up and starts flippin through it.. and his buddy says "hey man, that's hers!" and i say "oh no, darlin, it's ok.. you can have it.. i already have one.." and he says "dude.. im going to read it.. right now.." and his little buddy just laughed.. and i was like you're gonna get more out of that little book than we are in this whole class, so get after it..
so im writing my english paper (yeah, i know.. im such a multi-tasker writing my english paper while soaking up a psych lecture.. well i look over and ole boy is still reading.. and i got pretty excited.. then our psych teacher said something about sex and he looked up and put the bible down.. and i was like dang.. he's not gonna pick it up again.. i mean, who'd want to read the bible when you could just listen to your 23 yr old psych teacher tell her sex stories??
well apparently this guy.. he picks it up again and continues reading.. so i got excited again..
and i have to tell you.. with his little sparrys on, kaki shorts, striped polo shirt, and little kaki polo hat to match turned around backwards (totally rockin the frat boy look), reading this little 4 inch bible.. it was beautiful.. really.. it was..
class was dismissed and he walked out with it in hand.. 
so anyway.. i've just been wondering all day what he read.. if it made him think.. or change.. or believe.. cause im pretty sure you cant read the bible for 2 hours and not have something go down..

but anyways.. it was just great..


  1. Wow..... that is great! You did a great thing for Jesus.. Even if that frat boy forgets about his little green bible... Jesus is very pleased with what you did.

  2. I was the exact same way when the little Gideon man shoved it to me- cause I have 10 other Bibles...but I still have mine in my bag just to remind me of the Gideon man who probably heard words beyond his vocabulary and incase I need it someday

  3. I got one yesterday. It is pretty and green.

    That's awesome! :)
    And, the WOMAN that gave it to me was really nice, too.

  4. although im extremely glad they're green now, and not that awkward brown color, i think they should be lookin super cool for a more intriguing, inviting look..