Sunday, June 14, 2009

in case someone doesn't know..

God always answers prayers.

He just sometimes says no.

i don't know where we get off thinkin that we know what's best.. its rather funny, actually.. why would we, mere humans, think we know exactly what needs to go down?? and why would we tell God, creater of all, knower of all, what needs to happen?? do we think HE doesn't know?! duh. its just crazy to think people get so mad when God doesn't answer our commands as we wanted him to. instead he does whats best for us..

silly humans.


  1. remember what your dad says (I think it was him or mike) if one roper prays before he ropes and one doesn't pray before he ropes which one will win? the one with the fastest time! hahahahaha

  2. HAHAHAHAAA!! of course i remember..

    and too true, too true..