Wednesday, June 10, 2009

so if god's not crazy, i dont know who is..

so i set out today to get my shots for india.. ((umm, YAY!!)) and we had called monroe health unit last week and they had the shots.. so i would just bop up in there monday and get em.. BUT. when we called this morning, they were in fact out of the shots i needed.. and it might take up to a month before they could get some more.. umm.. that was not going to work for me.. for i will already be in india.. sooo, we called natchez health unit and they happened to have some.. heck. yes.. praise ye tha lort.. so me and my grandma, moma jean headed to out to mississippi..

after some super great directions, we happened to eventually run into this place.. and the receptionist there was just too cool and helpful as can be.. it was ridiculous.. i've never been treated so nice like that by a receptionist.. anyways. i go to the back room to get my shots :) and the doctor was completely fascinated i was going to india to do what i do.. she was genuinely happy i was going and her reaction to me going was far more enthusiastic and optimistic than anyones that i told i was going to india.. and that was just the encouragement i needed..

and usually, my family only goes to natchez for 2 things.. cock of the walk. or fat mamas.. some of the coolest restaruants in the world.. but today, for some reason, those places totally fell out of the back of our minds.. so we pass a big mexican looking place and turned up in there.. for we do NOT pass us mexican food.. ever.. and wouldn't you know it!! there in natchez, in fiesta grande, is my old friend from winnsboro!! and it was sooo nice to see her!! and see she was doing alright.. total relief.

isn't it crazy how God would have monroe run out of over-seas shots to send me to natchez to meet an angel for encouragement?? and isn't it crazy how God would make us totally forget about Fat Mamas, so we would turn into the first mexican place we see, so i could see and old friend that just dissappeared?? i vote yes.

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