Wednesday, June 3, 2009

so. i pretty much love my grandparents.

just a cool afternoon.

on the way back to crowville, i get behind one of the slowest drivers in the world, my old bus driver. and i just couldn't get mad at him for driving negative 5 miles an hour. he's just too nice. he just politely gives you 'the wave' to let you know its clear to pass. in all seriousness, i think no one can be angered at him.

i dont know. that just made my day.

and then when i get home, i start working on a lil project i got goin on. which creating things in itself just sets me free on a ridiculous level. and then the grandparentals come knockin on the door with a ginormous route 44 cherry limeade. ahh!! i just got some shots today, and even though i'm not a sissy when it comes to shots and i maybe even secretly like them, i still in the back of my mind thought i should have got a sticker or sucker or some kind of reward for getting them. and here come nelson and beulah with the best shot reward in the world.

i. love. my life.


  1. I must say my great grandma's name was beulah...and I LOVE shots...

  2. Do you remember when you were little and fell asleep on his bus and didn't wake up until he got home? He could have stolt you . . . no . . . not Mr. Jan!