Saturday, July 4, 2009

journal #3

so i don't know why this hit me like it did.. but whatever.. i guess maybe it needed to..

during our mission part of bible school, we were watching a video of just some kid in a small village.. i don't really remember at all what it was about.. i just know at the beginning they filmed a little boy, dirty with torn clothes just sitting on the street.. and this girl that was sitting in front of me turns around and asks me "Do they have food there?"..

i honestly do not even remember what i told her.. i was just shocked that that was the first thing that came to her mind..

but i remember when i was little i wondered about those kids that didn't get to eat.. i felt so bad for them.. i mean, how were they living?! i didn't understand.. and i guess the reality is, that, they aren't..

but i just had to wonder what makes us lose this pain and concern for the starving and hurting when we get older?? what is it about a child's mind that so fully comprehends compassion?? why does that quality seem to dwindle away the older we get??

i think the only thing that keeps me in check is matthew 25:40..

but i'm trying really hard to find that child-like mindset.. it's still in all of us.. we just need to re-locate it..

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  1. Good thoughts...thanks for sharing. I'm enjoying your blog, girl!