Thursday, July 9, 2009

random found "poetry"..

so.. i guess i've wrote "poems" all my life.. and well, anyways.. i ran across a batch of them the other day.. from a span of like 9 years.. crazy, right?? so.. i thought it'd be rather humorous to post some of them.. so i guess from now on you will just be checkin out some old school rhymes..

here's one..

please don't cry the day i die and leave this world behind.

just keep living for Christ and pay my death no mind.


for i am sitting with Him in the paradise promised above.

but do remember life's short and people need to know of His love.


and yes, I'm actually flying in my body made new.

and if you're a child of God, you soon will be too.


Jesus gave the answers to every question i ever had.

and so you know, He really does love you, so smile and be glad.


Jesus and I race on the streets of gold, free from all sin.

and since He's the judge, He always lets me win.


so please don't cry the day i die, telling this boring world goodbye.

but tell everyone about God's grace and of the party on high.


and rest assured that the next sunset you see,

will be painted by none other, than Jesus and me


haha.. NO clue when this was written.. 

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  1. Kelsey.... this is pure greatness! I love it!