Thursday, September 24, 2009

day eight.


1. 400,000 out of 600,000 villages do not even have a single christian presence. ((not a person who keeps Jesus to himself, not someone who knows about Jesus, i mean, not even a single PRESENCE!!))

2. northern indians look oriental. and we found this underground northern indian church this morning. best church i've ever been to. they talked like chinese people. the preacher started with, and i quote, "I ROVE THE LORD!!"

3. we stopped a parade. literally. the people broke away from the line-up to come take pictures with us and dance for us. ((as you can assume, this story is waaay more extravagant to type on a blog. this story requires hand movements. big ones.))

4. to further convince me it's a bad idea to give little children money, this little girl followed us for about a mile, and we finally stopped to give her some rupees and she shook her head and went to walk away. then we found fruit gushers. and she ran back. ((and honestly, who wouldn't? i'm beginning to think we should start a fruit gusher ministry.. i know if someone showed me the love of Christ via such candy, i'd surely believe in Him.. cause those things are hard to give away..))

5. i rode a camel. it bucked.

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