Friday, October 2, 2009

day nine.

today. was crazy rickshaw day.

rickshaw driver #1.
had a "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life" sticker inside the rickshaw. so, i had to break the boy/girl communication rule to ask. just had to. i said, 'hey man!! you believe in Jesus?!" he turned around, looked me in the eye. and said in a like, umm duh way, "well, yeah!" short. blunt. beautiful. 

rickshaw driver #2.
haha.. this still makes me laugh out loud. because rickshaws are pretty much the jankiest form of transportation ever. just to honest. but this dude.. had a system in his little rickshaw. i mean, big ole speakers. tweeters and woofers and all. it was soo funny. we jammed all over the town to some intense indian beats. 

rickshaw driver #3.
almost got in a fight. by the rickshaw pimp.
apparently, when there is a group of rickshaws, they establish who gets the next group of people that need a ride. well, we just walked up and jumped in one.  and as the guy starts to drive off, the rickshaw pimp comes over and hits our rickshaw, making it shut-off, of course.. and they went at it.. yelling LOUD, in this foreign language. making just the biggest scene ever.. and rickshaw pimp would just bow up, and our guy would pull his fist back, and rickshaw pimp would kick our rickshaw. it was intense. and we were just sitting there. debating what we should do. but then thankfully, another guy came up and grabbed the pimp and drug him away, and as he did, he kicked the rickshaw, starting it up again.

 oooooh!! we met this pizza hut waiter boy that we just knew HAD to know Jesus.. cause he was the happiest guy in this whole country.. so we called him Jesus.. ((not to his face tho)) and well, today, he gave us free dessert.  :)

and we went shopping today, and i tell you what. i don't know if people were just super nice to us, because we were american and they thought we had a lot of money to spend at their businesses, but they were waaay friendly.. we had so much fun.. they just hung out and joked along with us the whole time we were shopping.. we just shared so many stories, laughs, and bargains.. it was seriously so much fun. i wish the american shopping experience could be as grand.

and this morning, we woke up to check out this whole mosk call thing.. which is just where people wake up at like 5. (mind you, that people do not even get out until 11 here..) and they get up to ring these bells and play these drums for all the gods.. and we're up hearing this stuff, and it was pathetic.
just a repetitive cry.


but hey, that's why we're here!! to let em know!!


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  1. Elephants? Bucking camels? Crazy rickshaws? Wow. The things you'll do for Jesus!
    Hey, thanks.