Tuesday, October 6, 2009

day ten.

we went out to meet up with three of our new friends today. and we discussed every topic imaginable. and ate crazy new indian food. and they LOVED watching us eat it. it was apparently funny. and then for dessert, they took us to this place that has been there since the 30's. so its basically the only thing there that's kept up. and we ate, well, dipped this cool dessert bread in this chai tea. mmm. and all the while having waaaay awesome conversation. 
and then we went back to one of our friends house, and checked out her amaaaazing portfolio, (crazy talented photographer, i tell ya.). met her parents. and read their magazine. ((i know this is hard to believe. but two of our friends work for an indian magazine, and im so sorry i can't recall the name, but its the vouge of india. i think the name of it is even vouge translated.. cool, right??))
i really can't express how great this day was. we were able to share so much of Christ has done in our lives. and they were so totally engaged and wanted to know more and more. and baby, we gave it to em.

antyways. when we were leaving, my friend tells me, ((and this is EPIC.))
"After talking to you guys, you've really changed our views of Christians. and Americans. You do not fit the stereotype."

:) who knows??

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