Sunday, September 13, 2009

day six.

so today, we went to the temples.. and honestly, it just totally ticked me off.. everyone else was so sad about this devotion to false gods.. and yeah, i mean, it is sad, but i was just mad about it.. 

here's why.

they seriously had to RING a BELL to WAKE UP their god.. what the heck?? 
and they brought flowers and offerings to lay before the "god" that was locked up in this cage.. and who knows if he was even really in there!??
and they kissed the walls, prayed on the walls, whatever they could to the precious walls..

i mean, it just seems to me like eventually after years and years of wall kissin and bell ringin, you would realize that this is just not the way.. even despite the thousands of years your ancestors have been doin it..

but i was walkin around the temple and i go and sit by this girl crying.. i dont know what was wrong with her.. ((probably a lot..)) but i did get to talk to her.. and i'm asking about the gods and all, and she just blabbed some stuff.. i asked her if these gods fulfilled her.. and she replies 'yes', while these tears are just streaming down her face.. soooo, i guessed she lied on that one.. and i asked what else they did.. and after a lot of thinking, she said this one god grants wishes.. so i was like, man, that's cool.. ((cause wouldn't it be??)) and then i asked if hers were ever granted and she said yes.. but couldn't give an example.. ((and i'm thinking, man, if these guys are granting wishes, what the heck are yall wishin for?!?! homeless people and poverty EVERYWHERE.. people totally starving every time you turn your head.. i don't see any corvettes anywhere.. i don't see skittle trees anywhere.. i mean, what the world kind of wishes are yall wishing??))  needless to say, i took this as total crap.

and i try to ask more questions, and she confesses she really didn't know a whole lot about the gods or hinduism.. and i could tell..

but the whole thing was just so sad.. her eyes were so gone.. not "lost".. but just so devoted to every other god ever that she was way too blind to see GOD'S (singular) greatness..
saddest story ever..


  1. Loving the recaps - what an amazing picture you're painting. And, I have to admit, in the midst of the sadness and anger about the pointless worship of dead things, my favorite part of this post is the fact that - given any kind of wish you could have - you've got "skittle trees" in there. One of so many reasons you're loveable!

  2. mmm.. this breaks my heart, too. I hate thinking about the people around the world that know no different than these false gods that they worship. I feel like I would have had a similar response to yours: anger instead of sadness. I am really glad you got to talk to her, though. I know the Lord used you in every situation.

    love you, chica. :) And I, like mrs. leslie, am enjoying the recaps. :)