Saturday, September 12, 2009

day five.

the town is still yet to get used to us apparently.. the great picture war is still going on.. but today these chicks were gettin funny with it.. there was a glass wall between our group and a group of college girls.. and they were trying so hard to be inconspicuous with it.. you know, like, "hey (insert indian lady name here)! let me get a picture of you!" and then they position themselves in front of us and then they move when they actually take a picture.. yah.. but as they do this for yet another 4th time, i just turn my head and cheese hard for that picture.. and this girl was so shocked.. hahaha.. but we shared a good jolly laugh together.. through the glass wall..


alright.. now.. we have been hearing this one particular indian song EVERYDAY.. it must be a very popular one.. well, of course i can't make out the words, but i know the tune so well i can't help but sing it.. and i feel it must not be in english.. it has to be another language.. well, i know a little spanish.. Jesus te ama.. so there i was singing spanish to this popular indian song.. ALL the time..

and it occurs to me as i'm singing Jesus Te Ama, that NO ONE here knows spanish!! if anything, they might know some english.. so i drop that song and pick up with 'Jesus Loves Me'.. and as i'm ever so cheerfully singing this, 2 guys ride by on a bike and start singing along!!! yes!!! they know Jesus Loves Me!!! and sang in unison with us the whole song.. until their bike pedaled their voices away..

how cool is that??

i'm thinking they were some angels, yall..

God is everywhere. no doubt.. people just need to look around a little bit..

((this was the ONLY dumpster in the WHOLE town where the trash was actually IN the dumpster))

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