Friday, September 11, 2009

day four.

oh man.. one of our girls got sick.. like reeeeeeeeal sick.. so we spent a lot of time with her at the hospital.. we thought she'd enjoy our company.. but i don't think i was very helpful.. i just kept telling her to get up.. and just leave..
i thought she was fakin it.. so..
(she wasn't.. she was actually very ill.. but she's good now!!!!!!)


oh man. they have chicken lolly pops here.. how cool is that!!! yes, like chicken sucker looking things.. soooo good.. and they sell cups of corn!!! like where in america, you would see a maggie moos selling cups of ice cream or people walking around with an auntie anns pretzel.. nope, here, it is a cup of corn.. 

((and i took it upon myself to quote one of the all-time greatest movies ever, NACHO LIBRE.. and yelled across the mall, "hey!! hey!! save me some of that corn for later!!!".. not thinking the guy would actually hear me and save me some corn.. but when we went up the escalator, the little corn guy was yelling "hey! don't you want your corn?!!"..))

my snaps..


its still weird over here.. like, the ways you would normally show the love of Christ, would just send a totally different message here.. like talking to people of all ranks, would show that you are disrespectful..  :(   and smiling at people would show that you are just apparently a little promiscuous.. and hugging would send the same message..

so, i was out of ammo for a little while.. those were my best love tools.. 

((on a side note, i believe that eventually people just realized i was american and that was the way we love and respect people, so i feel that ultimately they knew i was showing them something new and something real..))

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  1. :) This post is good. hehe.. I LOVE that the guy saved you corn. hahaha! I literally laughed out loud when I read that.

    I cannot imagine being so restricted in showing love the way you are used to. But I'm confident that the Lord's love was shown through you, despite these restrictions. And I'm so overjoyed to know that you were able to share Christ's love with these beautiful people.

    you are amazing, Kelsey.