Thursday, September 10, 2009

day three.

man.. the people here in india, and well, americans too, just do not get what a christian is.. and i must admit, its because we have skewed the image.. they don't get christianity as a different religion.. ugh.. religion.. i don't even consider it even a religion.. it's a relationship.. but people see it as dropping things, habits.. setting your 'life' aside, taking it easy.. but where the heck does God say that?? we are supposed to be taking risks!! there is a REAL war going on here.. and God wants us to be fighting in it. front line.. we are to be the wildest of them all.. adventurous.. not sitting back, hiding.. not doing all we can to try and "earn grace".. (oxymoron!!) maybe we should clarify that following Christ is not church every sunday, bible at five o'clock every morning, but putting your life at risk and fighting for Christ.. loving.. and SHOW them real christianity..

just sayin..


  1. Amen! I'm ready for us to be known for what we DO, not for what we DON'T DO. (And by "do" I mean, LOVE!)

  2. You just preached a sermon in one paragraph!! just sayin...