Wednesday, September 9, 2009

day two.

so today we met up with a guy that lives there in Pune and has dedicated his life to the Lord and to the people of Pune.. he gave us a run-down of the culture and things to expect and whatnot.. and we all shared our testimonies.. and that was just such a blessing.. it was nice to hear everyone's story.. it was just crazy encouraging.. these people in my group all had a sincere and wonderful heart.. and i was more than glad to be a part of it..

and while we are sharing our testimonies, one of our mentor man's friends comes in.. abishek.. he was in college there in Pune and he shared his testimony of how he came to accept Christ.. awesome.
and he prayed for us.. and it was honestly one of the most beautiful things i've ever heard.. having a thick indian accent, praying to the one TRUE God, instead of the 36 million others, was so refreshing.. 


oh.. and as if not talking to everybody wasn't hard enough on me, guess what else i couldn't do?? SMILE. what the heck?!! of course, if a girl caught it, well that would be alright.. but i could not smile to everyone.. 
see, we are walking along and i guess i was just cheesing it up.. ((cause i'm in india, duh..)) and mentor man was like 'oooh.. look, you might not want to keep smiling at these boys.. cause you're sending out a tooootally different message than what you're probably trying to send..'
really?? yeah.. so, that was absolutely hard to control.. ((i'm going to say all in all i failed in this not smiling area.. i couldn't help it.. sorry indian boys, i was just trying to say 'hey, i notice your presence' via smile..))


and today was our first day 'out' really.. we were off to meet college students!!! :)
we would just bop up into college hangouts (i.e. coffee shops, movies, malls, and whatnot..) and meet people.. cool, huh?? ((fyi, this is how i've ALWAYS wished people meeting/friend making was..)) so we would literally sit down at someone's table and just start talking.. these people are SO friendly.. i mean, it was not weird in the slightest that we just plopped down at their table and started conversation.. and seriously, after 5 mins of talking, we would exchange numbers and hang out later.. and they thought it not creepy at all.. ((like most americans would))
so yeah, definitely diggin their friendship customs waaaaaay more..


oh man..
we were walking out of the mall, and the beggar children always run up to us ((b/c we're white)) and beg for money.. ((but we don't give money, because that would only go to their like gangster owner.. so we just give them food and water or clothes and stuff like that..)) well, my crew had managed to zip through the herd of little kids.. and i was stuck behind.. and had nothing on me at all to begin with.. but this one little girl.. oh this little girl.. she grabs me.. tight.. and is pushing me backwards.. ((yes, she had a super strength)) and man.. you could just feel these bad spirits.. my body instantly turned stone cold.. this girl was chanting the most evil things.. and you could really feel and see the demons.. it was so sad.. and it was so weird.. you see God's creation and you see demons all in this beautiful little girl..

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  1. Wow. What an intense experience. We (and by "we" I mean most of us Americans) are so sheltered...I'm sure this has altered your perspective forever - in a good way! Love you!