Tuesday, September 8, 2009

so. here we go. day one.

well we get out and about the streets of india!! we first go to the indian gate.. apparently a huge landmark and need-to-see of the indian people.. but when walk up to check it out, we quickly became the attraction.. 
people were running up to us and taking pictures of us.. and then they would ask to take pictures with us.. how crazy is that?!?! we were total celebrities.. for once in my life, i was excited to be white.. they loved us.. and the rest of the group was getting a little tired of this 'paparazzi'.. but man, i was loving it.. they were so pumped up about seeing an american.. i couldn't let them down by being too proud to take some pictures with em..   ;)


a lady blew me a kiss.. and it actually wasn't that creepy to me.. well, i thought it was the norm, since girls only talk to girls.. but later i learn that that was not a common way of saying hey.. but, oh well.. 


and i met snoop dog. ((yeah, the guy finds out we were from america, and well, that's all they know about us.. snoop dog)) and as he introduces himself as such, and i question the sincerety of his claiming to be snoop.. he says 'oh yeah!', while busting an air guitar move.. ((didn't know snoop played guitar like a rocker.. haha..)) 

and then he invites me to come back and take over his business of selling maps.. i politely declined..  

friendly people

((oh and if you're confused about my earlier comment on the no boy/girl talking, boys can talk to girls if it involves business.. and you can talk, of course, if you are a little rebellious to your culture.. duh..))


oh man.. i LOVED this!! we were just hanging out.. and this dude walks up to one of the guys in our group and was like 'dude, you have something in your ear'.. so he brushes his ear off.. and the guy was like "i'll get it".. and this kid starts CLEANING HIS EAR.. what?!?!! yes.. we were laughing SO hard.. i mean, this little kid breaks out a fanny-pack full of ear-cleaning utensils and just goes to town on my friends ears.. 

and then he wanted him to pay..


oh man.. you have to straight make your shower.. well, really you just turn on a geyser.. ((spelling??)) and well, first night.. i kinda break it.. ((sorry emily turner..)) and as i'm taking this FREEZING cold shower, i just have to chant consistently "i love the lord.. i love the lord.. i love the lord!!!!" reminding myself why i was there.. fun times.. really.


oh man.. and PRAISE the LORD there was mcdonalds.. ((lame, i know..)) and it is waaaaay better than ours.. just sayin.. everything is just a tad spicier and the ketchup just a bit sweeter and in india, mustard=HONEY MUSTARD!! could this place be ANY more beautiful??!!! i don't think so.. oh but it was..

and cool tid-bit.. you automatically get coke.. no choice.. you have to get it.. AND if your food isn't served in LESS than a MINUTE, you get a coke for free.. i know.. i know.. amazing..


and for supper, we went to a top of the line indian restaurant.. so im trying out this whole indian food thing.. fun.. very fun.. ((and indian food is absolutely delicious, by the way)) but the first thing i tried clogged every artery i ever had in just one bite.. it was saltier than salt.. intense.. but everything was sooooo good!! 


oh. and i accept candy from strangers.. so what?? ((turns out, it was a hindu blessingish thing.. but hey, we didn't know.. and we have Jesus.. so no biggie..)) but definitely won't be doing that for a while.. good candy though.. 

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