Monday, September 7, 2009

arriving into INDIA!!

so. i made it to india. and i just could not believe i was actually there. but, i guess i really was.

we landed in bombay and had a hired driver drive us to Pune, which is the town we would be staying at. and anyway, our driver was a dude. and they DO NOT speak to girls. DO NOT! for india is basically a male dominating country. and women are valued less than cows. yeah. antyways, it kinda hurt me. i mean, i was in INDIA!! i wanted to make a million indian friends! i didn't care if you were boy, girl, 5, or 80. i wanted to be your friend. but no, we can't talk to guys and they can't talk to us. and God made Eve for a purpose, you know. and it was not to be quiet and disrespected by guys. i'm pretty sure.


  1. Wow. I would have had SUCH a hard time with that! I talk to everyone! How many people were you traveling with? Thanks for sharing your trip with us - a nibble at a time!

  2. haha.. yeah.. i like this nibbling idea..

    there was 7 of us from tech, one left early tho. so really, just 6.