Sunday, September 6, 2009

STILLLLLL on the plane!!! 15 hours later..

ok, well.. here i go again, thinking i'm some sort of poet/songwriter/something of that effect.. (toooootally not, by the way) but when i sit on my swing, i just bust a little rap, or dish out a little folk tune.. ((hate to admit to all this, but this must be prefaced to show how God will let your little dreams come true..)) 

but here's a little "verse", if you will..

i want to be at the bottom of the cloud,
that's ready to pour out and flood this town
of the hearts that have dried up and broken apart
from lack of fulfillment and loss of their God

and as i'm piercing through the clouds (via airplane), God kinda nudges me and says, 
well, you're at the bottom of the clouds.. are you ready?? to pour out my love and flood this town?? and to quench the dried hearts in my name?? that i may mold them back into the likeness of me??

wow. that's what i was like. wow. 

He loves me, don't He??

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