Sunday, September 6, 2009

plane talk

i have no clue where this came from.. well, God i guess.. but i don't know why.. 

we're always going out and ministering to the poor or less fortunate.. ((which is GREAT, because it's our job and what we're called to do..)) but, what about the rich guys?? don't they need Jesus too?? i mean Jesus himself said it'd be easier for that big ole camel to squeeze through that little needle eye than for a rich man to enter in.. so, seems to me like we might should be hardcore witnessin to the top dawgs.. cause they need to see GOD'S richness and love, because they are so horribly blinded by their own richness.. ((one of my fav. bands notes "possession= the king of sin)) 

once again, absolutely not dishing the ministry to the less fortunate AT ALL.. i'm just trying to emphasize that we desperately need to love each other EQUALLY.. EVERYONE needs Jesus.. not just the people worse off than you, not just the people with "more sin" than you, but absolutely everyone..

God loves us equally, so lets relay the message..

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